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08/23/16: Found a young black male dog (setter mix with white boots) chasing a truck near Gough Park, Silver City, NM on Tuesday morning, August 23rd....he was taken to the shelter (uninjured). YAY...I just got word he was picked up by his owner and is home safe and sound.

Address: 3050 Cougar Way, Silver City, NM 88061
Phone: (575) 538-9261

looks like similar to this:
(only with some white on his paws and a little skinnier)

This poor darling goat was dropped into a safari park to be dinner for a tiger but the tiger decided he would rather keep him for a friend.


speaking of animals eating other animals...here's a clip from Jesus shedding light on the subject...


who doesn't love a krazy kitty?


a cool example of lovingly addressing untruths....and issues around veganism.

07/25/15 A local dying woman's dogs are going to need homes or foster homes. They are all well cared-for, healthy, gentle, loving, well-behaved dogs, and all are spayed or neutered. Purebred male German Shepherd. This one has been in a small pen for too long (probably while his person has been in the hospital) and needs someone who will exercise him and be ok with him having to settle down a bit. Two Chihuahua/Dachshund mixes. These have to be adopted together. One is white with big black patches, the other brown. They are obedient and playful and the brown one does tricks. They have a swimming pool that goes with them. Brittany Spaniel, male, middle-aged. Likes walks in the park. Brittany Spaniel, female, young. Likes more energetic romps/hikes. Cattle Dog, not sure whether male or female. Unusually tall and pretty for a cattle dog. Quiet, gentle, calm. For more information, please call Deirdre at 575-388-4738. Best times to reach her are lunchtime and after dark. If you leave a message, please speak slowly and clearly and repeat your phone number. Neither Deirdre's ears or her answering machine are state of the art! (reposted from Gila Community Forum)


heartbreaking and heartwarming...there is so much to repair....but love is an amazingly powerful thing


01/30/15 This most funfilled and awesome boy has been at the shelter for 3 months and is SO ready to be adopted....if you would like to help mr. montegue get the word out that he is hoping to meet his new family soon...you can print up a flyer here....thanks!


01/26/15 What a delightful friend and helper....let's grow our love even more for our furry friends as we work to bring the world back into a loving balance where no animals suffer because of our unhealed emotions...meow.

let's do it....let's save the world with love...


01/22/15 Do you know anyone who needs help keeping his or her dog warm? A local resident is putting together a group of volunteers to help furnish dogs with houses, straw and fences. If you would like to help or are in need of help, please contact Judith Wuthrich at 575-519-0540

let's do it! let's save the world with love....

01/18/15 The local animal shelter is offering free straw to help our furry friends stay warm during these cold months. How awesome...here is their site The High Desert Humane Society

09/25/14 Meet "Ricky" he's looking for a home. He is a stray from my neighborhood who has been coming around for about a year and I would guess he is about 1 1/2 years old now. He is really cool and affectionate and would love to have a nice warm home this coming winter and enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors. If anyone is interested in adopting this gorgeous boy....please email or call moti (575) 534-1024

You can print a flyer here to help this sweet boy get the word out....meow.

08/27/14 Meet "Indira"...she's ready to be adopted!!
I have a new friend to introduce to everyone...this is "Indira" a 7 year old Chow mix who was abandoned when her owners moved away, leaving her tied to a tree. The police were called and she was brought to the shelter here in Silver City three weeks ago. She is just as kind as she is lovely...and I am so rooting for her that she connects soon to a loving family who she can live out her golden years with in safety and happiness. She would be most grateful to have a few gentle walks each day and a warm bed and a home to call her own. That is my heartfelt wish for this sweetest girl. For more information on adopting Indira contact The High Desert Humane Society in Silver City, NM at 575-538-9261
They are open Tuesday through Saturday until 5:00 and welcome anyone to come and walk these precious pups.

When I walk this darling she looks out over the hills wondering what happened to her family and how she might find the again...let's hope and pray she finds true blue friends this time.

Update 09/24/14: ADOPTED!! woohoo dreams really do come true...this doll was adopted today...thanks to everyone who cared for and rooted for this sweetheart Miss Indira....wishing her a great life of love and kindness into eternity....she so deserves it.

click here to print up a flyer or two to hang around to help this beauty get the word out...she is so very very kind.


8/19/14...My friend Kori (here in Silver City, NM) asked for some help in finding a home for this little guy. Here's his story: "Meet 'Adventuresome' aka 'Ventures'. We (adult, two kids) raised him from chick-size, and when he started crowing, we found a home for him with a bunch of hens but recently, the hens seem to have triggered an aggressive streak in him, so he's back living (in town) with us. He's super mellow with us (people) around, and a good home for him might be where there is another pet (not hens) or people around. we can't keep him in town because he crows...... we are willing/able to help with his transition if it requires pen set-up or food advice, etc. He is 1 1/2 years old." Feel free to print up a flyer or two (here) to help out our fine-feathered friend get the word out! For more information call kori 575-654-4220

Update: woohoo...this darling rooster has found a new home....we're wishing him a long and lovely life!

6/29/14...great interview....


4/23/14: Wouldn't it be great if we passed a No-Chaining Law in our area? So many people do not yet understand that this is an unloving, frustrating, distressing existence for an animal. Many of us were taught that this is a "good enough" life for a dog, so we believe it is ok to do, when it really is quite unloving. All we need to do is imagine ourselves getting up and having a chain around our own neck and being stopped and yanked back whenever we go to follow a simple innocent impulse, unable to go the bathroom except in the same spot where we eat and sleep because we have no freedom to do otherwise. And imagine having no ability to follow any natural instincts or desires you have or to move freely or look for water or get away from danger as you were created to do. These divine creatures were created to live lives where they can follow their basic instincts and desires to move about freely and unchained...and I believe it will take those who understand this to bring loving aid to our furry friends who are suffering now in these conditions by coming forward on their behalf. If you do chain your dog, please do think about this and reconsider. I just love dogs and hope that you will allow the dog in your care to have a better life or perhaps consider finding another home for them where they will be able to move around and have exercise and love and not live a punishing life like someone in jail.

Here is an upcoming event of interest:

The ASPCA and Trap Free NM are teaming up to come to Silver City on May 7, 5:30pm-7pm at the WNMU Student Memorial Bldg. meeting room. ASPCA Senior grassroots advocacy manager, Jessica Johnson and Animal Protection Voters Program Director, Laura Bonar will discuss: Basics of the legislative process Key animal issues we expect to see before the NM legislature and how you can make a difference in how they vote Connect you with other caring people to build and pass stronger laws for animals RSVP to rsvp@apvnm.org or send your name, address, and phone and which event you will attend to: TRAP FREE NM Santa Fe, NM 87505


4/16/14: Just a reminder to all you animal lovers in the area...our local shelter is kind enough to let those of us in the community take the dogs there out for walks up on the trails nearby. Here's more information....feel free to print up a few flyers to help get the word out for these darlings. We may not be able to take them all home with us...but a nice walk in the beautiful spring weather sure helps them to get their minds off their troubles!

Click here to print up a few fliers for our precious friends in need!


3/2/14: For those friends who have been rooting for this girl....I just saw that our beautiful friend miss buttons is ready for the last leg of her journey to finding a loving home. I met her at our local shelter last August where she landed as a pregnant stray and was just hours away from being euthanized. I was fortunate that they allowed me to bring this darling girl home to my little house where she had her seven plumpkins and they all traveled up north to a pit bull rescue once they were weaned and now she has been spayed and has her picture up and is ready for adoption and can at long last settle in with a loving family...we love you miss buttons and are all wishing you great good fortune in finding your dream home...with a family who desires to love and be loved by a friend as beautiful as you...what a journey you have been on.

She is available for adoption through Pet-A-Bulls Rescue in Albuquerque. I just love her and her babes so much.


I love this little guy...it's not always easy asking for help!

After I posted this online my friend Jeffrey wondered: "I'm trying to figure out whether this sort of interaction has always gone on between humans and animals or is it something new or the result of the internet? I think it's probably always happened and I love it and most of us would have no idea of this connection without digital media." and my friend Alla who grew up in Russia and lives now in Belgium wrote: "Jeffrey there have been many cases reported over 2-3 hundred years of injured bears in the taiga knocking on people's doors in search of help. I am sure it has always happened everywhere... Just like a child, an animal always reflects the human's soul condition (level of love)." wow....what a haunting image...an injured bear knocking on doors for help...I love bears so much....I can't wait until the world...this world...becomes safe again for all the creatures here.

Here is another beautiful...heatwarming...example of this type of kindness at work:

Happy Cows... I long for a world where no one suffers...bless their hearts. ...it is so awesome when someone chooses love and it makes such a difference in the lives of others.


11/27/13...Hi my friends...I'm home again after spending ten days in texas at a retreat with a group of around 40 people who are engaging, exploring and growing along the path of divine love. Mary, Jesus and Cornelius traveled to the states from Australia and gave so generously to us all...their kindness, love, truth and wisdom.

One of the participants recorded audio of the presentations and uploaded them here. These were all also filmed and recorded by Jesus and Mary and will we posted to their youtube channel in the months ahead in the form of high quality videos where, by the way, they have over 1200 hours of free seminars on everything from the spirit world, to the truth about god's laws that govern our universe, love of self and others, the sleep state, the human soul, soulmate relationships and much more...which I find to be the highest truths on all these subjects to exist on the earth today. They filmed much of this event I was so fortunate to attend...and the questions and presentations and the rich and wondrous dinner conversations we all had gathered around Jesus and Mary were also captured on tape....and will be posted soon as well.

I must say this experience was the most amazing of my life. I am so so overwhelmed with gratitude for these beings of love and truth existing on the earth.

I just submitted the following question to their divine truth faq channel: "Can you offer guidelines from God's perspective to help us find our way back to a balanced relationship with the animal kingdom...especially when it comes to domesticated cats and dogs and how to engage the issues of spay/neutering, overpopulation, current dependencies for food and caring for all of the domesticated animals currently caught in unloving circumstances born of the unbalanced/selfish demands of humans over time ..until balance is restored." I look forward to hearing their insights and I will be praying and working to understand how to help bring about less suffering and more compassion to the animals in my community here in southwestern New Mexico and in the world.

The truth of the matter is that we have chosen to bring some animals closer to us because they feed us emotionally and, as we have done so over time, we have inadvertently created suffering and enormous problems for them and for many other creatures. All we need do is look closely at the world around us and the lives of many cats and dogs, and it is easy to see. All of God's creatures deserve to live lives of love and safety. No one animal is more valuable than another. And, in our lack of knowledge of this truth, we have come to affect the animal kingdom in ways unimagined. Though I do not yet see how health and love will be restored between humans and the animal kingdom, I fully trust that we can find the divine truth about the ongoing predicament if we find ourselves in collectively and align ourselves in love with the animals we share this earth with it once again if we simply desire to and begin to engage more truth and love in the process. That is my devotion. I am working to heal my own emotional injuries that led me to turn to domestic animals for love without regard for the damage I was contributing to. I want to heal my soul so I no longer pull on animals with unloving demands. I am no longer eating animals or animal products and I am not going to adopt any more cats and dogs. Still, I wish to help those who are caught in suffering circumstances until we move into a state of beauty, love and balance again. These beautiful creatures deserve our kindness and care and I hope to be a part of creating a better world for them in all ways.

10/31/13...This darling kitty "Blacky" was wandering the streets and ended up in the shelter on Halloween...if you would like to help get the word out for this furry friend in need...if you want to help this tiny boy get the word out...here is a flyer you can print up and hang around town! meow....


10/28/13...I just took my first walk in the hills alone since my beautiful friend Bear passed away. I had been walking the dogs from the shelter and had not revisited the trails my big boy and I used to travel in many months. I had not tuned into him much since his passing because I wanted him to feel free to go forward into the spirit world without feeling any tugging from my soul. I had spent many hours crying in the year before he left this world...knowing his time was coming to an end...and that allowed me to release his spirit when his time came.

As I headed into the hills, I felt this great sorrow well up and could "see" him there sitting unmoving in total devotion and love. Focusing on me with his beautiful heart of gold. Which is all he ever did in the twelve years he graced my life with his love.

As I connected with his spirit on my walk, I was struck again by what a profound gift these creatures are to us humans. In the purity of their love. And it made me connect even more with my desire to help find ways to bring about the safety, love and balance they deserve to have in this world we share. They are so amazing in their ability to just pour out unconditional love to us. I want to grow in love myself and in courage so that I can do more to be a part of the change that must come forth to bring our relationship to the animal kingdom into harmony with divine love and truth.

When I was connecting with him on my walk I was telling him...."I want you to go run free now...it is your time to be happy and free..." And, he would not move from that place of focusing in on me. Then I felt how he wanted me to go forward too. To be free and happy...and I will do that in his honor...embrace my own freedom more.

My little sugar bear...the definition of "cubalicious"....I wish I could give him a big hug right now!

I was so lucky to have such an amazing experience of love in my lifetime in knowing him. I hope to honor that gift by going forward into more joy and engaging further my passion to make the lives of every living creature...and my relationship to them....more and more harmonious and loving.

I know I am not alone in my desire....and I do feel we will find our way forward.

p.s. I realize more everyday how we have manipulated dogs and cats over time to give us things we want from them. And that this is an unloving act. And, though I have been healed through the experience of the love of the animals I have had close to me, I see the larger picture more clearly now. How it is not aligned with the natural order of things and causes much damage for the environment and other animals and even us humans as we are less inclined to heal our emotional injuries when we are being given that "unconditional" unwavering energy of "love" from these sacred creatures.


Meet "Ricky" the Cat....


This sweet young male cat is currently homeless and in search of a loving family to call his own. He is about a year old and I believe he has been living on his own all his life...and would make a wonderful companion and friend. He has been wandering around my neighborhood for the past four months in search of food and shelter and would love to have a home to settle into before winter arrives. He is friendly, sweet and approachable. If you would like to help this boy get the word out...you can print up a flyer here to hang around town. Thanks! He is really affectionate and so desiring a warm and safe place to call home.

Interacting with Ricky....has gotten me thinking about feral cats and what might be a loving approach in our community to help these darling friends. Here is a short article one program in Albuquerque.


10/08/13..so happy to report miss buttons and the seven plumpkins are safely moved up north to their new homes....I will love them all forever.

10/02/13...So happy to report we have placements for all the pitbull pups and the momma....I just have to get everyone up to rio rancho next monday, october 7th from silver city!
I am SO relieved....If you know of anyone heading that way....who wouldn't mind a few darling hitchhikers, could you let me know? moti 575-534-1024.

09/27/14....Anyone interested in adopting one of the new pitbull puppies or their beautiful mom buttons.....contact me for more information....moti 575-534-1024....they're ready to start their new lives in loving homes.

Meet Arthur....or "Arty" for short....he's a genuine work of art....and ready to be adopted to a loving home.


09/10/13...Momma Buttons and the seven plumpkins are going to be heading up to Pet-A-Bulls Rescue for adoption soon!....if you are interested in transporting these darlings, let me know. The seven pups need to be there at the end of next week (Friday the 20th would be best...in time for an adoption event the following day) and miss buttons will follow them a few weeks later. Pet-a-Bulls is in Albuquerque. If you are heading even to T or C or midway between here and Albuquerque around that time, they may be able to meet up part way. Thanks, Moti 575-534-1024.

If you would like to help get the word out that our local shelter lets people take dogs out for walks on trails and in the hills...here is a flyer you can print up and help hang around town....you can also take out the kitties from their cages and let them play for a bit in the cat corral!!


09/04/13...an elder in our community needs a home....

The shelter currently has a lovely elder in foster care...meet "Granny"....she's ready to be adopted! Click here for a flyer on this doll...feel free to print up a few to help her get the word out...she is a 10 year old bloodhound/rhodesian ridgeback in good h


08/18/13....meet "Studly"....one of seven little "plumpkins"...who will be ready for adoption in a few months from "Pet-A-Bulls Rescue"...

08/14/13....the definitive answer to the question, "Are pitbulls born vicious?"....


08/08/13....somebody had some babies today....what a great mom!


It is obvious to me that the current state of affairs of animal friends is a mirror of our collective soul condition. I believe we must heal our own souls if we are to truly find a different reflection when we look "out there" and seek to change the world and to alleviate all suffering on the earth. Love, truth and humility are fundamental guideposts we can use to help us find our way forward as we work to bring about new solutions to the disharmonic, unloving and cruel conditions that we see manifesting in our relationship to the animal kingdom.

For many of us, as we move through this terrain, intense emotions will surface, and being willing to be humble to own our feelings through owning and processing our emotions completely and without projected them onto others is the key to healthy cooperation in bringing about successful and change in our own lives and in the lives of our animal friends. New new section "Lessons in Divine Love"....is filled with great presentations on how we can navigate these challenges. I find this information invaluable as I navigate the intense, wondrous, beautiful journey of healing my relationship to my own soul and to the animal kingdom. Through embracing these profound teachings on divine truth and divine love, I am able to go much deeper and reach the causal levels of the emotions within me that have contributed to unloving and disharmonic creations and I feel a great support as my own soul level injuries surface to be healed as I move to help the vulnerable beings on the earth. I believe these teaching hold the key to restoring our world to one of peace and harmony and kindness for all.


07/30/13:This darling stray kittie needs help finding a home....she a doll. Update 08/18/13....this precious girl was adopted....woohoo....wishing her a wonderful loving life....bless her little heart....she was out there living under a truck for months.

This darling stray is in need of a family....she (?) is super loving. Some folks in my neighborhood noticed her hanging around and started to feed her a month or so ago, but they are moving away next week and can't take her with them. She is very very friendly and affectionate. My guess is that her owner either passed away or left her behind when they moved. If you would like to meet or adopt her, please give me a call and I can introduce you. She is currently living under a truck parked nearby and would be SO grateful to have a home again and a loving family to bond with. She is precious. I would adopt her in a heartbeat if I could...she always tries to follow me home....bless her heart. If you know of anyone who might want to adopt her, please pass on this info....I'm sure she would appreciate our help! Thanks, Moti 575-534-1024


yay for happy animals free from harm's way....

I just ran into some university students while walking miss buttons and we talked about our love for animals and the current issues facing the dogs and cats in our community. "We should just spay every dog and cat for free" was the comment the young woman made...and I thought..."wow, I sure hope the university and local schools embrace community service learning projects around the shelter and our city and county issues regarding animals here." Simple logical solutions will surely come into form and everything becomes possible again. The students can design and work on great projects they are inspired to engage and will learn so much through their research and problem solving and interfacing with existing structures to bring about loving transformation improving the lives of so many cats and dogs who need our help in the process. Check out more on Community Service Learning and engaging students in this great work here.

07/23/13: I just wanted to let everyone know a very happy miss buttons is safe and sound in her new home here with me and the cat. She had a nice big meal when we got here this morning....with brown rice and potatoes and mackerel...and spent a little time scouting around for the perfect place to have her babies....and exploring the yard......and now she is taking a nice long nap on a big soft bed....she is SO happy and relieved....woohoo.
Thanks again SO much for everyone who cared about this girl enough to bring her from the brink of death into a world of sanctuary and love.

I'll let you know when the babies are born.
Much gratitude from this darling girl and her little ones.

Thanks to the Pet-A-Bulls Rescue

and Second Chance Rescue

and thanks to the High Desert Humane Society here in Silver City for being open to this happening.


07/17/13: Spay & Neutering and "Buttons" the momma dog

Today I spent time with Buttons a pregnant pitbull mix who landed as a stray at our local shelter.

I realized this week that she had a growing belly and found out today that the policy is to euthanize these poor beings who arrive there in a pregnant state.

Buttons is so kind and sweet and when I walk her she stops me many times, gently lifting herself up on her hind legs just to and hug me with all her might and she always looks into my eyes pleading with me to help her. It is heartbreaking.

A month ago another pitbull and her unborn pups were euthanized there too. I had noticed she was pregnant when walking her and mentioned it to the staff. I was thinking she might be given a special room and place to give birth and nourish her babies....but when the response to me mentioning that she looked pregnant was, "I know. It's too bad", I knew that her fate was not a good one.

Many in our community do not spay and neuter their cats and dogs and I realize it is not in harmony with nature, but, we have created a very painful and suffering set of circumstances for so many of the dogs and cats we have brought into our lives in the role of companions and will need to look at what they are dealing with and bring help to them if we are to stop these horrible things from continuing. Just putting it all on the shelter to deal with is not working and is not loving.

We will need to find ways to stop overpopulation and to become accountable for the animals in our care and all the offspring they produce if we are to be truly loving. Buttons is in a horrible bind. The shelter won't adopt out dogs unless they can be spayed before leaving. They will not let a dog give birth there and then house her and her 8-10 pups for four months because they have limited space and resources. In this one case, there is a mom and a litter who are in this terrible predicament because someone had a male dog and someone else had a female they did not spay/neuter now they have left this sacred sweet scared girl and her little babes to fend for themselves.....a loving momma with pups in her womb stuck in a shelter where they will be euthanized in the coming days.

It is just heartbreaking. It will take a community wide effort for us to turn things around....but there are many communities just like ours across the country who have succeeded in embracing a no-kill transition. I hope we do that here. There are so many animal lovers....we just need to bring our love into action.

Meanwhile....those who are inclined....please keep Miss Buttons in your prayers.

more facts on spay/neutering....

....more....I had someone ask if there is a fostering group in our area that might help....and I don't know of any....but....

I asked the shelter today if they would be open to fostering pregnant dogs....and they said only if it was a high adoption breed...ie. not a pitbull mix. But, I was wondering if a group came together willing to house her and the pups and cover the fees for the spay and neutering and care for her and her babes and would commit to seeing them all through to adoption....that they might be open to releasing her. I don't know if they would be open to this but I can donate funds to help....if they are open and others come forward to house her and we all committed to help with getting everyone adopted and spayed/neutered....perhaps we could save her and her little babies together.

I am happy to help coordinate something like this if there are others who have a desire to make it happen.

Update 07/19/13: We have some rescues working on helping Buttons! Hopefully she will be taken into a foster home where she can have her pups and they will all find loving homes.


06/20/13: This beautiful boy needs our help....Winston has been at the shelter since early April and his days are numbered....if you live in the area and would like to print and hang a few flyers around town to help get the word out, I'm sure he would be most grateful. He is just a total sweetheart and would love to have a chance to enjoy a life of beauty and kindness. He has been SO patient and, despite all he has been through, he is just so kind and gentle and full of love.

Update....fortunately, someone came forward to foster this lovely boy! he still needs to find a longterm home, but, thanks to the kindness of Jane from the shelter, Winston was spared his imminent demise and has a chance now to find a true and loving family to live out a life on earth with. Thanks Jane for being so loving and helping another animal in trouble to be spared and given a second chance at life.

Update.....I just heard today 10/01/13....that Jane decided to adopt Winston after fostering him these past months. They made it official last weekend...woohoo!

This little guy has stayed so hopeful....my wish is that his dreams of a happy life come true. When I take him on walks through the hills, he always rubs up close to me like a cat. Just to say, "I'm here. I love you. I am glad we are friends." How sweet is that?
You can print up a flyer for this darling here!


It's so great to see kids and groups from our community interfacing with the local shelter here...it is key to bringing about the much needed change in our current acceptance of such high euthanization rates of cats and dogs here in Silver City as inevitable...and it is awesome to see more and more loving energy brought toward our furry friends in need who are in such a vulnerable time of their little lives. They are all so innocent and good and deserving of our growing care and attention so that we can continue to change their current predicament into one that is better and better...until it is a beautiful one all the time...with only loving outcomes.

06/19/13: My beautiful friend Miss Foxie Roxie was adopted this morning from our local shelter.....
It was a grand merging of synchronicity, timing, love, faith...and a donation from a kind soul which helped cover her adoption fee and remove the last obstacle to her freedom.
It was magic...to see how a few people coming together... doing what felt right and loving....conspired to bring mercy to this sacred girl and give her a chance for a life of love and freedom and chasing sticks!
She has taught me much in the times I have spent with her....watching her hope and patience and gratitude and holding dreams of a life of freedom. It is a privilege to be a witness to the goodness of people coming together to bring about a loving outcome for another furry friend in need of our compassion. Go Roxie!!!

Happy Tails....Roxie bids the shelter farewell...and heads to the park with her new mom...where she catches her first stick...in freedom!!!


06/13/13: woohoo...sometimes it just takes a few people doing a little something to make a story have a happy ending!! what could be better than witnessing an obstacle being lifted and a loving dad being reunited with his adoring pup?Thanks to a donation from an animal lover, we were able to get this precious pup out of doggy jail and back into the loving arms of his happy dad! Yay for kind loving compassionate people helping one another....I LOVE happy endings!

WOOHOO UPDATE 05/21/13:: Kaiser got adopted today!!! I was just about head over to the shelter to pick him up to begin fostering him....and I got a call saying he had just been adopted. Wow....what a miracle...dreams really do come true!! I am SO happy for him and everyone who worked to help this little guy make it through this time and to a loving home.

05/15/13: I've been going through so much healing as I work to empower a loving outcome for my friend Kaiser who has been at the shelter for the past few months.....feeling the tragedy of his circumstances and having an impending sense of doom. And the more I have cried and prayed the less I understood about what was right for me to do. If I adopted him, I would disrupt the balance here at home with my elder dog and I would deny my sense that I am not supposed to adopt a new dog now and yet I know that the shelter is not the best place for Kaiser to meet potential adopter because he is in a cage most of the time and is a Boarder Collie who really needs to walk and run to relax into a calm state. This week he met a potential family, but he had been inside for the weekend and, when they came to meet him first thing in the morning after two days of winding up, they decided he was not right for them. When I heard the news I just felt such a sense of hopelessness. Feeling he was stuck in a cycle that has a lethal outcome for him. How could I help him? What is the loving thing to do? How can I be there for him and not harm or stress out the lives of my other animals? Today, it came to me that I could possibly foster him for a few months. This would give him the chance to get lots of exercise and the opportunity to be out meeting people and I could commit to this without feeling like I am making a decision to adopt a dog whose life I would be responsible for 10 years which I don't feel I can do right now. I love this boy and now I see that I can just fence off a little space for him here where he can rest when I am not home and my elder dog will still have his own space and we will make it work for everyone. The shelter is totally open to this which is wonderful and they will keep his picture posted on their site and in their ads and will help us get the word out. It just felt so wrong to me to do nothing. But I am learning more each day about how to work with this huge and overwhelming world of imbalance while growing in love for myself and others through feeling all my feelings. If you are interested in fostering a cat or dog here in Silver City, NM....here is a little more information on how you can do this!

05/03/13: I am so hoping my beautiful friend Kaiser gets adopted. He is an 8 month old Border Collie mix and is really awesome. A few of us pitched in to cover the costs of getting him neutered, and the humane society matched our donation...and granted him a little more time at the shelter...but his time is limited there as we have an endless stream of dogs and cats being brought to and left at the shelter every week and he has been there for almost two months now. If this boy belongs with you....please come come to the shelter asap to meet him! He is a darling and a joy and so deserves a chance to live. If you would like to help get the word out for this sweetie....you can print up a few flyers here...I'm sure he will appreciate the help!!!


Where do we start?...

I highly recommend to everyone that you watch this film "Earthlings". It changed my life and removed the veil of denial I had when it came to my own relationship to the Animal Kingdom and the choices I was making to not look or care about how the decisions I was making with the foods I was eating, the clothes I was wearing and my relationships to dogs and cats and all the animals of the world as a whole was not one of love or caring and it set me on a path of greater truth and an expanding willingness to deepen my own soul's growth to become more compassionate in how I interface with these sacred beings.


A few thoughts on our local shelter...

I am so thankful that there are people on the the board of the shelter here who are devoted to making the lives of the animals more and more comfortable during their time there. I am really rooting for all my beautiful friends who are currently living there hoping....waiting...wanting so much to be found and adopted...I mean...how can killing him be ok? I find the whole situation we are in very sad....because I know it is out of harmony with truth and love and I will keep working with my own desires and emotions in search of how I might best contribute to a longterm solution for us all....human and animal. The situation is really heartbreaking.....the endless overwhelming stream of animals being left at the shelter for the staff there to "deal" with and feed and care for. It is so unbalanced and unloving what we are doing here and I am really searching my own soul for how to best contribute to bringing about a more loving situation for everyone involved. I just feel these days how tragic it is that the shelter staff is in the position where, because of our collective community-wide decisions, they are taking in way more animals than they can commit to seeing through to adoption and then they end up having to "choose" who lives and who they "have to" kill. It is just heartbreaking and, I believe, unhealthy and soul damaging for everyone. I feel, this is the creation of all of us in the community, whether directly or indirectly, and it is unloving for us to project onto the shelter and the staff that the issue is "theirs" when it is really "ours" to work our way through. As I have spent time walking dogs up at the shelter, I have realized that they are actually doing more than anyone I know of in our community to help to feed, house and place as many homeless animals as they can. It is just that there are so many more coming in than they can currently house and care for long enough to place. I wonder how to bring about more truth and awareness on the level of the community at large in the hope that we can collectively change this situation into one where this is not happening here. All these animals deserve to live. I feel that we just have to a journey to find our way to bring that truth to fruition. To trust that what is right here for us to do will be supported if we keep moving toward a dream of a loving world for the animals too.

The larger issues...

This was posted on facebook...heartbreaking....what humans can do to animals without thinking about the sorrow they cause and the confusion and suffering they create for innocent beings like these ones...may the time be upon us to bring our relationship to the animal kingdom back into one of harmony and love....how can we justify creating such loss and tragedy for any being's child? I truly believe it is our separation from our own emotions that allow humans to do these things and that, by healing this separation from ourselves, we can stop acting out our own self estrangement onto these inn no cent beings. I feel that learning the truth about love again...can guide us back to a beautiful divine world where no creature could ever be subjected to these experiences.

"This mother bear was killed by a 'hunter' leaving the cubs trying desperately to wake her up. Spring hunting is unethical and this is why.
WE CAN STOP THIS! In 2012, the BC government respected the will of the peoples of Haida Gwaii and closed the Trophy Hunt. It is now time for the government to respect the will of the peoples of the rest of the coast in their call for a ban on Trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest! Sadly it was images like this that brought about that shift in public awareness and created that change."

Here is a little update on the changing website and other things....

Hello everyone. Well, much has transpired in the past months. I (Moti) began to walk dogs up at the local shelter a while ago and began to share my experiences and to engage in a dialog with other people in the community about the current state of things here in our area with regard to the dogs and cats living among us and how we might bring more love to them.

Initially, a handful of people wanted to start a "group" and that sounded good to me and I offered to design and run a website (which is this!). But, as things have unfolded the group has shifted and not quite found how it wishes to go forward.

Personally, I have grown more and more clear with the directions I want to focus on with regard to the animals in our world and that is to work with the deeper issues of love and our personal and collective soul condition and how that effects this equation of great imbalance that we have inadvertently created here that causes so much suffering.

My view is that, without truth and love, and a growing desire to evolve these two things, that we can not really effect meaningful and long-term change for the animals we share this earth with.

And, so, I am going to focus my own energy in those directions. Including the work I do here on this website from here on out. I have changed the name of the site....but my work will be the same here in terms of content and vision....but much more so.

I think it is great that so many people have a desire to help bridge more love to the animals in our world and are searching to finding ways to do this. I want to find and support healthy loving ways to do work and continue on this is journey we all face together.

Stay tuned! I will be posting all I can for the animals I am lucky enough to be able to try to help out. I will continue to bring as much energy and support as I can to the people and places that are working to grow in love in the work they too are doing. The local shelter here is one of those places. They are totally open to engaging in loving ways to help bring about new levels of health and balance and love when it comes to this daunting issue...an issue...I feel is the result of our personal and collective choices in how we interface with the animals and our decisions to look at or ignore what we have inadvertently created. I believe that we can change things in by moving toward more consciousness and desiring to embrace a positive direction.


oh my...there is so much for humanity to face...the animals in our world are divine beings...and somehow we must realize this again in our own souls for them to be safe here on earth with us once again. This moving piece recorded rescued lab research dogs as they see the sun and grass for the first time in their lives....


04/30/13: A big shoutout to Brittany, the Animal Control Officer in Hurley, NM who put on a great fundraising event this past weekend, The Bark in the Park, where she raised $1642.80!!!. Yay Brittany!!! You are a rockstar....you have already made a big difference in the lives of the animals in your area...and we hope you are continually supported in your work. You are an inspiration....and are giving the community around you ways to bridge love to those darling little animals in need. May this whole area grow to be one where those efforts are embraced on a large enough scale by the people living here that every animal is cared for and safe and you have everything you need to save the lives of those who are taken in by the town and put into your care and who need to find homes. I believe it is totally possible if we all have the courage to look together at what is happening and apply our hearts and minds to creating ever more loving solutions.

The Animal Shelter in Hurley is busy transforming itself into a more loving and supportive place for the animals in their care...check out their new Facebook Page with pictures of the beautiful animals there in need of homes. Check it out and help spread the word!!!

If you want to join Brittany in this important work, you can contact her at 575-537-3220 or by email at hurleyanimalshelter@gmail.com


04/29/13: One surprising fact is that the vast majority of animals in our shelter here in Silver City, NM (80% or so) are "relinquished" by owners who feel they either do not want the animal any longer or cannot care for them...which begs the question, "Why and how we can learn more about what is causing this to take place on such a huge scale here in our community?"....and perhaps, through exploring this issue, we can bring support to people who want to keep their animals but are just facing difficulties that a little support might alleviate through simply understanding more and joining together to help people out before they make that final decision to turn in their cat or dog (a decision which studies reveal typically takes 3-4 months to make). Sometimes, just some love and small bit of support can help people work things out so they can keep animals they love with them. If you are interested in working on these issues, contact inquiry@innerworlddesigns.com

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

04/29/13: For those who are engaging their passions and desires to bridge more love and support to our animal friends now.... who are moving from a place of engaging their own divine evolution and healing in this work...by embracing their own soul transformation in the process....here is a inspiring video entitled "Sacred Activism" by Andrew Harvey which offers spiritual and emotional support, encouragement and guidance in these endeavors to change the world on the deepest and most profound levels through addressing these overwhelming issues on the levels where these great imbalances were born and created....so that we can bring about true and lasting transformation for ourselves and all life on earth. If you are interested in working on these issues while incorporating this awareness, contact inquiry@divineloveanimals.org

04/27/13: Update on our Animal Friends Group:

Greetings Animal Friends!

Well...much has transpired in the brief time since our first coming together with the common goal of bringing more love and support to our animal friends...and we have a lot to celebrate! So many people have come forward with great ideas and dreams and projects in mind. And, we have been able to get some real life things accomplished....including a few Adoption Days and a website and a growing list of volunteers who are coming together to help bring about more loving support to the animals in our community and we have been able to be a part of helping to find homes for animals in need...yay!!!....read more here.....


04/19/13: The Animal Friends of New Mexico is officially deemed a "Bully Free Zone"....with the exception of these darlings of course! Only kindness and love allowed....woohoo!!


04/20/13: Yay! We had a great Adoption Day today at the local Earth Day Celebration! Three pups got adopted at the event and many other dogs met potential adopters. And everyone had a whole lot of fun out there in the park on this beautiful spring day....there were many tails waggin'...it was heartwarming to see these sweet animals filled with hope and joy at the sight of the world again and wonderful to see them feeling that they are loved and belong in society. How precious they are and deserving of kindness and a chance at a happy life.

Here are some of the fun times we had there....the little brindle pup was adopted...as was the lovely red head named Pumpkin...the little pitbull/basset hound "Chuggy" was the life of the party...and Sadie the gorgeous loving Rottweiler...met some potential adopters...she we turned in by her "owners" to the shelter because is was "not aggressive" and would not bark or "protect" the owners....and it's true...she is pure love...so friendly....so kind....and so ready to resettle in a home where her true nature is appreciated and she is loved for who she is.

THANKS SO MUCH to all the volunteers who showed up to make this event happen...and thanks to the shelter for being so awesome in their efforts to help these vulnerable friends...for giving them baths to make them ready for their big day...and being so willing and open to helping them increase their chances of adoption by holding these events! You can find out more about adopting a cat or dog from the High Desert Humane Society here.

Update 04/26/13: For those who were at the Earth Day Adoption Day....here are a few updates on our furry friends!!!
Sadie the loving Rottweiler was adopted from the shelter on Tuesday by a really sweet woman! Kaiser the Border Collie was neutered today...thanks to a fund that spontaneously emerged for him during the adoption day event...and he has some potential adopters coming in this afternoon to meet him at the shelter! Charlie Chan was taken in by Jane who graciously offered to foster him (you can print up some flyers below to help her get the word about Charlie) UPDATE:WOOHOO CHARLIE WAS ADOPTED THIS WEEKEND!!. Chuggy the Chuggaliscious One was being walked today at the shelter by a lovely young woman who is thinking of adopting her! And Pumpkin the gorgeous girl was spayed and taken to her home early this week to begin a lovely life with her new family who she met at the event.
YAY!!! A huge "thank you" to everyone who came forward to make this great day happen...it made a real difference in the lives of these furry friends who we love so much. And, they sure appreciate it!!


Many people who came by the Adoption Day event mentioned wanting to do more for the cats and dogs in need of help who are waiting to be adopted from the shelter. That would be so awesome!

The High Desert Humane Society Shelter is totally open to and welcoming of more and more of the community coming in to help make the quality of life even better for the cats and dogs in their care. They have a great cattery where you can bring out the cats to play and pet and love and they really appreciate a break from their cages!

And there are paved walkways for the pups, benches to sit with those who just want to be hugged and hang out in a lap....and they also let people who like to walk on the trails in the hills behind the shelter to take dogs out for longer walks in nature. It's great....and the more the merrier!

They are open Tuesday to Friday 8:30--5:30 and Saturday 8:30--5:00.

"Smokey Robinson" says..."Come on by and say 'hi' and play with me and my furry friends! meow"



It can be totally inspiring to see what a group of people can do to change the lives of the innocent ones among us who need our help....as we look forward to more and more of these things unfolding in our community and in the world into the future we can find our way forward...together. It is amazing what becomes possible with love and cooperation along with a practical vision with doable steps and people who truly want to participate from the heart through action to bring about real life changes.


What's Else is New?

As Fire Season approaches, the High Desert Humane Society is putting together "Animal Evacuation Teams" and would love some more volunteers to join in this important effort. If you would like to sign up to help out this season call, June Decker at 575-590-2350. Thanks!

Do you have your own Pet Evacuation Plan in place? Click here for some great suggestions on how to prepare from the Humane Society!


Meet Sandra....this darling little boy is ready to be adopted today from the High Desert Humane Society!!!

Highly recommended as a great natural anti-depressant....playing with the kitties at the local shelter!

And, rather than feeling helpless to do anything to help our most vulnerable earthling friends...you'll end up feeling really glad for the opportunity to spend time with these precious friends... by hanging out with the cats in the cat corral at the shelter! You are sure to be filled to the brim with love (even though you go there to give love)...it feels so much better than turning away...and you can dream with them that their perfect family arrives soon to take them home where they will have a lovely destiny of safety, kindness and love...something we all deserve.

The High Desert Humane Society is open Tuesday through Saturday until at least 5:00 and welcome anyone to come and pet and play with these darlings. The cats SO appreciate getting out to exercise and share love with friends who care. It makes such a difference in their precious lives...and in ours. It really helps them during a time of uncertainty and vulnerability to simply share some loving kindness.

Here is a link to more of the cats living now at the shelter....who are waiting to meet their new families!


Working Toward a Community Wide No-Kill Transition

Some of us in the community have begun brainstorming on how to proceed to get a good "No-Kill Transition" plan in place and underway for Silver City and Grant County. One model we are looking at is the "Zero in Seven" approach...which sets a goal of achieving a zero euthanasia rate in seven years and is a plan which Dona Ana County is currently implementing with success....here is a link to a rough draft for our area based on their initiative....which we can use as a basic starting point.

Also, Heidi from the Humane Society here has expressed clear enthusiasm and a sincere belief that this is not only possible but truly attainable for us here in our area.

We welcome you to be involved in this important work....contact: inquiry@divineloveanimals.org

To learn a bit about how things have evolved in our area over time and have an interest in the history of our local shelter and humane society, check out our interview with Heidi Sexton, the President of the Board of the High Desert Humane Society! You can watch the interview here...


The High Desert Humane Society here in Silver City, NM has a new Facebook Page....and would like our help linking people to it....it's a great way to help get the word out about our furry friends here who need our support in finding new homes. If you want to help, you can "like" their page and share photos and news they are wanting to get out to the community.

I also have an Divine Love and Animals Facebook Page....I'd love for you to join me there too!


What can you do to help the cats and dogs in our community who are in need today?

On any given day, there are cats and dogs at the local Humane Society who would LOVE to have some human interaction. There is a great cat corral there now where you can bring a cat out from their cage to play with toys and to pet and love. They also have a great places for dog walking. There are concrete walkways with benches for rests and petting and the shelter backs up onto Boston Hill where you can take these dogs on beautiful walks through the hills. It is something small and simple that makes the difference between a stressful day and a day with joy and hope for these dogs. The High Desert Humane Society is located 5 minutes from downtown Silver City...click here for directions and for times they are open.


Are you a local business owner who loves animals and would like to sponsor an Adoption Page in the local news?

The High Desert Humane Society has asked for our help in reaching out to the community to see if there is an individual or business who would like to help the cats and dogs in their care to find homes by sponsoring a regular page for them in the Silver City Daily Press. This is an Adoption Page they used to have running regularly and had great success with in terms of introducing animals to potential adopters and they would love to reestablish this on an ongoing basis as way to get the word out. If you would like to sponsor the Adoption Page in the Daily Press, please contact the High Desert Humane Society through email at: hdhs@gilanet.com or by phone at: (575) 538-9261. The cost runs between $60 and $100 a month...and this is a proven method for increasing adoptions at the shelter....and a great investment...Thanks!


Meet Miss Fuzzy....she's ready to be adopted!

Learn more about adopting this soft beauty available for adoption from the humane society here....


If you have an animal you need to find a new home for...here are some resources that might help.

Join Divine Love & The Animal Kingdom on Facebook!


Want to adopt a dog or cat? Do you have an animal you need to put up for adoption? Do you wish to help animals in need find a loving home? Are you a good networker? Join us in our efforts to raise the rate of adoptions in our area!

Click Here For More Information


Would you like to foster a cat? Would you like to have a dog companion but can't make a long-term commitment? Fostering a pet may be the perfect fit for you!

Click Here For More Information


Do you have a companion animal in need of spaying or neutering? Would you like to join the effort to educate and reach out to those who may not understand the importance of spaying and neutering? Check out the resources available to support our efforts to decrease the overpopulation of dogs and cats....

Click Here For More Information

What can you do to help?

We would love to have you join us in bringing love and support to our furry friends...
Here are some ideas....

You can walk dogs and visit the cats at the Humane Society!learn more here

You can learn and share some facts about spay/neutering!learn more here

You can foster a dog or a cat!learn more here

You can help dogs and cats who need new homes to find them!learn more here

Are you an educator in our area? We would love to work with you!learn more here


Upcoming Events...

Stay tuned for more fun-filled projects unfolding!!

Meet Charlie chan!

UPDATE:WOOHOO CHARLIE WAS ADOPTED THIS WEEKEND!! Thanks to Jane for fostering this gorgeous boy so he had that little bit of extra time for his family to find him!! He is a true gift to this world...we are all lucky to have him alive and here with us!! We wish you a happy long life Charlie Chan....





"As we realize that the shadow exists in the very places our consciousness is meant to inhabit...we see that we are mighty in our potential indeed",

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