Divine Love

I believe the Teachings about Divine Love and Truth bringing brought to this planet now by AJ (Jesus) and Mary are the real thing...the most profound and truthful teachings on the earth. I am so profoundly grateful to them and highly recommend this work to anyone wanting to heal themselves and to bring love and harmony to the earth. These laws and guiding principals illuminate the way.

Love, truth and humility are the keys to our transformation into the beings we were created to be, and as we heal our souls, the animal kingdom will change to mirror our evolution into creatures of beauty and harmony again.

Check out these fantastic presentations on Divine Love...


Overview of Divine Truth

The Secrets of the Universe

Creating Loving Ecosystems

The Human Soul

Why We Resist God

Laws Governing Love of Self

Laws Governing Love of Others

The Dangers of Repressing Emotions as a Spiritual Practice

The World's Religions and their Relationship to Divine Truth

The Truth About Spirit Influence

Laws Govering Rapport and Spirit Communication

Addictions, Fear, Threats and Bribery

The Law of Desire


Here is a link to the Divine Truth Homepage for a wealth of information of these teachings.




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Meet Charlie chan!

UPDATE 04/30/13:WOOHOO CHARLIE WAS ADOPTED THIS PAST WEEKEND!! Thanks to Jane for fostering this gorgeous boy so he had that little bit of extra time for his family to find him!! He is a true gift to this world...we are all lucky to have him alive and here with us!! We wish you a happy long life Charlie Chan....





"As we realize that the shadow exists in the very places our consciousness is meant to inhabit...we see that we are mighty in our potential indeed",

Motavenda Melchizedek



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