The World of Feelings

As I embark of this journey, there are SO many emotions that I am brought face to face with that have been sitting deep within my soul all these years. And there is no way for me to explore this intense issue without embracing my feelings along the way. I believe there is profound healing in this work if I am willing to moving through the emotions that come up as I go forward. I will share my experiences here and hope to inspire others to continue to connect with divine love as I grow in my desire to do the same.

People often ask me "How can you go to the shelter? I can't do it." And, I understand what they are saying. It is very sad what we are doing to the cats and dogs here. We are accepting killing over half of the animals that come into the care of the humane society/shelter (I believe it is currently 70%) as a way of handling this "issue". And there is so much grief that I have moved through already through going there to walk the dogs. I have cried a million tears and often feel utterly hopeless at the sight of things.

But, I somehow know deep in my own soul, that this is the journey we must make to find our way back to love again. The Animal Kingdom has arrived into this huge predicament because we have become so injured through the ages in terms of our emotions, our souls and our connection to God and confused about divine truth and love. And, it is through feeling and being humble to all of our emotions again, that we can heal our souls and reconnect to God and discover his/her laws and, as a result, we can find the guidance we need to bring about harmony and a loving world for all beings on earth to enjoy.


When I began to turn to embrace more truth about myself and the world around me, I watched a film entitled "Earthlings" which set me on the course of moving my consciousness toward the Animal Kingdom rather than away from it. If you want to look at the truth of our current relationship to the Animal Kingdom so that you can make loving choices in how you interact with these sacred beings...I highly recommend watching this will change your life...and theirs....for the better.

I have shed a million tears...and believe with all my heart that it is through feeling all our feelings on the deepest levels that we grow closer to a world of love and safety for all beings...these animals are such a gift to humanity....may they soon find themselves in a world where they are safe and honored and loved....

I believe it will take the world...all of humanity...for each of heal our hearts and souls...for the earth...and all life on be restored to balance.


I am also growing more aware with each passing moment that the animals in our world are in the predicaments they are in because of humanity's state of emotional estrangement. As we turn and face the truth of our own condition, and feel all our emotions once again, these darling sacred creatures will no longer exist at the mercy of a world without feelings.

At some point in time, we humans chose to bring some animals closer to us who would meet our emotional needs for unconditional love and companionship. And they have given so much to us and continue to do so. Now, it is up to humanity to look more closely at the conditions so much of our companion animal population faces each day because of the imbalances we have left for them to endure as the "side effects" of our attempts to meet our own "needs" through them.

We must be willing to turn and look at things if we are to bring light and true solutions to those in the clutches of our collective choices through time. Looking in the eyes of the cats and dogs at the local shelter here....knowing how over half of them will be on ongoing reality check and wake up call for my continue reaching and searching for deeper healing and connection to higher truth and love so that I can contribute to a global solution through personal evolution.

These divine creatures are caught in the fallout of our desire to fulfill things that are unbalanced demands and they so deserve our awakening and soul healing so that we can live in harmony and honor together with them. Our choices to love some animals and sacrifice others is out of harmony with divine love. These beings, their current state of life here on earth with us, and what we know in our hearts and souls they deserve, can be the guideposts we use to find our way back to balance.


Lessons in Divine Love


Here is a wonderfully informative two-part interview explaining the world of emotions and how healing our relationship to our own feelings is key to soul progression.




More divine truth: Lessons in Humility....


I am also and artist and a writer on the world of emotional integration and how it is key to spiritual is my other website...Innerworld Designs...devoted to that indepth work.


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"As we realize that the shadow exists in the very places our consciousness is meant to inhabit...we see that we are mighty in our potential indeed",

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