Spay and Neutering

The deeper levels of the issue...

It is impossible to look at where we have arrived and not consider the issues of spaying and neutering. On the purest level, obviously, we would not be "needing" to do this the animals in our world if we were living in balance. I have come to see what a huge predicament we have put our the dogs and cats into and how, given the current state of things, it seems that, until people come to understand the impact of having a dog or cat that constantly gives birth to animals they do not feel responsible for seeing through a lifetime safely, that promoting and making spay and neutering accessible and affordable lessens the suffering of these innocent creatures.

Ideally, we will live in a world where we are not setting up this huge equation of statistical impossibility when it comes to providing what is needed to the companioning animals in order for them to live healthy lives. In the meantime, here are some the "facts" about "overpopulation".


Shall we face the *facts together? goes:


In the United States 1 person is born for every 7 puppies and kittens born.

That's 5500 animals per hour or 2.1 million cats and dogs per month.

As long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all the animals.

EVERY PERSON would have to own 6 dogs and 9 cats!!!

That's why millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year!

Would YOU like to have 16 children a year?

One unspayed female dog and her mate & all of their puppies & their puppies puppies, if none are spayed or neutered add up to:

1 year =16 dogs

2 years = 128 dogs

3 years = 512 dogs

4 years = 2048 dogs

5 years = 12,288 dogs

6 years = 67,000 dogs


One unspayed female cat, her mate & all of their kittens at 2 litters per year can total:

1 year = 12 cats

2 years = 67 cats

3 years = 376 cats

4 years = 2,107 cats

5 years = 11,801 cats

6 years = 66,088 cats

Benefits of spaying (females):

They do not come in to heat.

Male dogs can smell a female in heat up to a mile away.

No bloody discharge.

Less desire to roam and ends frantic pacing to get out and find a mate.

Reduced or eliminated risk of mammary gland tumors and ovarian and uterine cancer.

Usually best if done BEFORE their first heat.


Benefits of neutering (males):

Reduces or eliminates their spraying and marking.

Less likely to be aggressive and bite.

Less desire to roam.

Not interested in females in heat so no frustrated drive to mate.

Reduced or eliminated risk of testicular & prostrate cancer.

Best done as soon as their testicles drop.



There...we did it!

Now, here are some great programs already in place in our community to help turn things around.

SNAP (Spay Neuter Awareness Program) is a local organization here in Silver City, NM which helps low income people spay and neuter their pets. You can contact them directly for financial assistance in spaying or neutering your dog or cat or to give a donation to SNAP to help them to help others:

P.O. Box 1958
Silver City, NM 88062
(575) 388-5194


HALT (Halt A Litter Today) is another local program which is run by the High Desert Humane Society to help with spay and neutering. Depending on the size of your animal, HALT will issue you a coupon for $20 - $80 to put toward the cost of spaying or neutering your pet. Regardless of income.

Next, just make an appointment with any of the local veterinary clinics in our community who will then accept your coupon as part of your payment:

Animal Medical Center (575) 388-1503
Arenas Valley Animal Clinic (575)388-1993
Gila Animal Clinic (575)388-2581
Town & Country Vet Clinic (575) 538-3700

Each year the High Desert Humane Society provides an amazing amount spay & neuter assistance for the pets in our area. In 2011 they issued $22,452 in assistance and, so far in 2012, they have issued $30,694....woohoo ~ that's AWESOME!!!

You can contact the Humane Society directly for financial assistance in spaying or neutering your dog or cat or to give a donation to HALT to help them to help others.

Also, you can come forward to help pay for a specific dog or cat in the shelter now who could use a boost in helping their adoption possibilities increase dramatically!!

High Desert Humane Society
P.O. Box 1973
Silver City, NM 88062


That's all there is to it! And you and your pet can both feel really good for doing your part to help alleviate stress, strain, frustration and overpopulation....and you can both take pride in knowing you are an important and vital part of helping us transition to a no-kill community ~ what could be better than that?

*facts supplied by HALT and the High Desert Humane Society.


Want to adopt a dog or cat? Do you have an animal you need to put up for adoption? Do you wish to help animals in need find a loving home? Are you a good networker? Join us in our efforts to raise the rate of adoptions in our area!

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Would you like to foster a cat? Would you like to have a dog companion but can't make a long-term commitment? Fostering a pet may be the perfect fit for you!

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Do you have a companion animal in need of spaying or neutering? Would you like to join the effort to educate and reach out to those who may not understand the importance of spaying and neutering? Check out the resources available to support our efforts to decrease the overpopulation of dogs and cats....

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What can you do to help?

We would love to have you join us in bringing love and support to our furry friends...
Here are some ideas....

You can walk dogs and visit the cats at the Humane Society!learn more here

You can learn and share some facts about spay/neutering!learn more here

You can foster a dog or a cat!learn more here

You can help dogs and cats who need new homes to find them!learn more here

Are you an educator in our area? We would love to work with you!learn more here

Upcoming Events...

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Meet Charlie chan!

UPDATE 04/30/13:WOOHOO CHARLIE WAS ADOPTED THIS PAST WEEKEND!! Thanks to Jane for fostering this gorgeous boy so he had that little bit of extra time for his family to find him!! He is a true gift to this world...we are all lucky to have him alive and here with us!! We wish you a happy long life Charlie Chan....





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