Animal Friends Group Update

Greetings Animal Friends!

Well...much has transpired in the brief time since our first coming together with the common goal of bringing more love and support to our animal friends...and we have a lot to celebrate! So many people have come forward with great ideas and dreams and projects in mind. And, we have been able to get some real life things accomplished....including a few Adoption Days and a website and a growing list of volunteers who are coming together to help bring about more loving support to the animals in our community and we have been able to be a part of helping to find homes for animals in need...yay!!!

With the summer months upon us we will be taking a break from regular meetings with a plan to resume getting together in person in the fall again. So, the previously scheduled May 6th meeting has been canceled and we will let you know, as fall approaches, when we are starting monthly meetings up again.

Meantime, we will keep our website current with local events and projects that are underway in the community that we think you might be interested in so that those who wish to volunteer or participate in any way can find information and directions on how to engage their passions and desires to help our furry friends.

With fire season approaching, the High Desert Humane Society is busy putting together "Animal Evacuation Teams" and would love some more volunteers to join in this important effort. If you would like to sign up to help out this season, please call June Decker at 575-590-2350. Thanks.

And, if you do not have your own “Pet Evacuation Plan” in place yet, you can find some great suggestions on our website on how to get started!

Please stay tuned and stay in touch...we have a lot of great things underway...and look forward to growing and working together into the future.

Animal Friends of New Mexico

p.s. for those who were at the Earth Day Adoption are a few updates!!!
Sadie the loving Rottweiler was adopted from the shelter on Tuesday by a really sweet woman!
Kaiser the Border Collie was neutered today...thanks to a fund that spontaneously emerged for him during the adoption day event...and he has some potential adopters coming in this afternoon to meet him at the shelter!
Charlie Chan was taken in by Jane who graciously offered to foster him (you can print up some flyers to help her get the word about Charlie out on our homepage)
Chuggy the Chuggaliscious One was being walked today by a lovely young woman who is thinking of adopting her!
And Pumpkin the gorgeous girl was spayed and taken to her home early this week to begin a lovely life with her new family who she met at the event.
A huge "thank you" to everyone who came forward to make this great day made a real difference in the lives of these furry friends who we love so much. And, they sure appreciate it!!

Motavenda "Moti" Melchizedek


note: one of the issues in the formation of the "Animal Friends of New Mexico" was confusion and lack of clear leadership...and this is a great piece that illuminates what happened as the result. As a result of the unloving behavior that existed there, combined with a total lack of support or tolerance in addressing any of the darkness, I decided to move out of that situation and create this space.



Want to adopt a dog or cat? Do you have an animal you need to put up for adoption? Do you wish to help animals in need find a loving home? Are you a good networker? Join us in our efforts to raise the rate of adoptions in our area!

Click Here For More Information


Would you like to foster a cat? Would you like to have a dog companion but can't make a long-term commitment? Fostering a pet may be the perfect fit for you!

Click Here For More Information


Do you have a companion animal in need of spaying or neutering? Would you like to join the effort to educate and reach out to those who may not understand the importance of spaying and neutering? Check out the resources available to support our efforts to decrease the overpopulation of dogs and cats....

Click Here For More Information

What can you do to help?

We would love to have you join us in bringing love and support to our furry friends...
Here are some ideas....

You can walk dogs and visit the cats at the Humane Society!learn more here

You can learn and share some facts about spay/neutering!learn more here

You can foster a dog or a cat!learn more here

You can help dogs and cats who need new homes to find them!learn more here

Are you an educator in our area? We would love to work with you!learn more here

Upcoming Events...

Stay tuned for more fun-filled projects unfolding!!

Meet Charlie chan!

UPDATE 04/30/13:WOOHOO CHARLIE WAS ADOPTED THIS PAST WEEKEND!! Thanks to Jane for fostering this gorgeous boy so he had that little bit of extra time for his family to find him!! He is a true gift to this world...we are all lucky to have him alive and here with us!! We wish you a happy long life Charlie Chan....





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